Friday, 7 August 2015

In memory of George Cole

For once, nothing to do with golf, but a small tribute to George Cole, who has died age 90.
Arthur Daley became a TV legend as a small-time crook who was always dreaming of bigger things, with the series regularly drawing in audiences of 17 million.
Cole also played Flash Harry, a remarkably similar character, in four St Trinian's films between 1954-66, starring alongside the likes of Terry Thomas, Joyce Grenfell and Sid James in the boarding school comedies. 
It also allowed him to work with Alistair Sim, who had become his mentor after taking him into his home at the age of 15 alongside his adoptive mother. Eventually Cole  built and lived in a house next door to Sim and his wife, as they continued to appear in a number of films together. 
  George joined the R.A.F. in the war before resuming his acting career when the conflict ended.
He died in the Royal Berkshire hospital, surrounded by 'Er indoors (wife Penny) and his family.
I will be raising a VAT to George, with thanks for many hours of laughter.  17 million!  Eat your heart out Eastenders!

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