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Poor chap had to pawn nearly everything to play here!

The Legends Golf and Safari Resort, Limpopo, South Africa, features the “Extreme” 19th which is the world’s longest and highest par three, only accessible by helicopter.  Golfers are faced with a 394 yard tee shot, and the ball takes 30 seconds to drop to the Africa shaped green 470 yds below.

It costs over $1,000 per foursome to play this hole.  That includes the helicopter ride and six balls with tracking devices, just in case (in case?) of a lost ball.  Nobody has yet claimed the million dollars for a hole in one, but Padraig Harrington (that’s not him in the budgie smugglers) was the first pro to make par.

 THE CENTENARY course at Gleneagles has undergone extensive modifications by the Jack Nicklaus Golden Bear design team in preparation for the Ryder Cup.  Jack described the new 18th:

“On this reachable par 5 (513 yards) we have placed a new bunker to the right of the first landing area, then added more bunkers short and right of the green, with the deepest bunker just in front.  This will leave three options.  One: they can play their second shot up the right side and short, leaving a pitch over the bunkers to the green.  Two: they can take it up the left side, leaving a short pitch up the length of the green.  Or three: they can take it all the way home.  We wanted to give them the opportunity to take a gamble.  Also, the 18th green now has a tremendous amphitheatre, ready  for a showstopper finish.  I think the guys will enjoy it.”  Only if they win.

Having met his Alamo in Scotland, failing to prevent construction of wind farms in the sea opposite his Aberdeenshire golf resort, Donald Trump has huffily changed allegiance to Ireland.  He snapped up the Doonbeg Golf Club, C. Clare for €15 million, complete with 5 star hotel and spa and a Greg Norman designed links course.   Doonbeg, which went into receivership in January,  welcomed Donald with open arms, saying he has saved 200 jobs.    At least somebody loves him.

 Bridgestone has introduced the revolutionary True Balance “Stand Alone” putter, which as you might guess, can be left to stand on it’s own while you walk your putt.   Counter balanced putters are generally long and heavy with extra weight in the butt end for stability, but the True Balance is just the opposite; the oversized grip and graphite shaft are exceptionally light.   A spokesman explained:  “With so much of the weight in the head there is more control over long putts.  Short putts will also improve because the ball is tapped rather than stroked.  The putter almost swings itself.”  Adam Scott has been looking at it.

During next month’s Masters at Augusta National, amateurs in the field will be accommodated in the Crows Nest (also called Bobby Jones’s Locker.)  The Crow’s Nest is a room atop the clubhouse with five bunks and a sitting area, and is traditionally provided for them.  It must be the experience of a lifetime just to wake in the morning, look out at Magnolia Drive and sniff the azaleas at Amen Corner, even if they don’t get a sniff of a green jacket.
Playboy model Liz Dickson is suing the magazine after a golfing stunt backfired.  Apparently, at a Playboy tournament in 2012 she agreed to have a photo taken of herself lying down so comedian Kevin Klein could hit a golf ball, balanced on a tee, off her bottom.
Unfortunately for Miss Dickson however, Klein's swing was slightly off target, and she was left with “severe contusions.”  According to her lawyers she has become the BUTT of jokes, and it could even threaten her caREAR.

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