Friday, 5 July 2013

Rule 14-1b. Anchor Putters.

The PGA Tour has decided to adopt the anchor putting rule (Rule 14 -1b.)  According to the new rule: “In making a stroke, the player must not anchor the club, either directly or by use of an ‘anchor point.”   
This rule would affect those who use belly putting, where the grip end of the putter is anchored in or around the abdomen and chest. It would also affect those who use long putting, where the grip end is locked against the chest.
According to the USGA, "the new Rule should not adversely affect participation in the game, that it is not too late or unfair to require players to comply with it and that it will remove concerns about any potential advantage that anchoring provides. It also makes clear that one set of Rules is essential to the future health of the game.”  It comes into effect from 2016.

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